Our freedom

This is a joint account
our names are Charlie and Ryan
in which we will post many thing to vent
to release our frustration or just to fill the time

We post what we want about what we want
we post things that are personal to us,
in ALL aspects of us from our trips out
to our, well lets say not so public events
which means there could be some
NSFW content so fare warning

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Anonymous said: Details of the girl tied to your bed, NOW. please:)



We were watching a movie, I had given her one of my huge sweatshirts to wear while I was in something similar and I don’t remember what I was so deep in thought about but I started to absentmindedly rub circles on her thighs and I didn’t even notice until she started to squirm but that didn’t stop me from proceeding until she pulled my hand up on her leg and when I turned to look at her she was smirking at me— SMIRKING AT ME.
And, I thought to myself “Does the little girl know what she’s getting into” 
then she leaned over and I wasn’t having it. I flipped her over and she giggled so hard it was really cute until I started nibbling on her neck.. there wasn’t much laughter after that.

Ugh I’m not about to go over all of the in details. long story short, I trailed kisses all the way to her pussy, went down to work, she came a few times— had to beg for each one,image


I pulled her to my bedroom where I took immense pleasure in seeing her wobble,  spanked her,


tied her to the bed, sat on her face and by then she was panting so hard, it was adorable.


I started to make out with her because for one, my cum was still all over her face which was hot and because she looked cute so then I was circling the bed where she was still securely tied and staring at me (still panting) and I was thinking about ways to mm- not got too far until I was just like, meh, a few more orgasms won’t kill her and that my friend is where the hitachi came out to play.image


now, this girl had never even seen one before so you can imagine her confusion and my smirk when I plugged it in and that— THAT was where the real torture began— eventually the ball gag got added,

then the nipple clamp, 

then the riding crop.




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