Our freedom

This is a joint account
our names are Charlie and Ryan
in which we will post many thing to vent
to release our frustration or just to fill the time

We post what we want about what we want
we post things that are personal to us,
in ALL aspects of us from our trips out
to our, well lets say not so public events
which means there could be some
NSFW content so fare warning

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they’re like tiny 8-legged cats
how can anyone hate them

Spiders are huge derps, pass it on.

My dad used to work as a mechanic in Arizona and he said that wild tarantulas would just wander into the shop and try and cuddle with the mechanics under the trucks. Spiders really dig car exhaust smell for some reason and they would be like “ah yes this human smells nice let me sit on your face while you’re working or perhaps climb into your pocket and see what you have” and the mechanics would keep shooing the spiders out but the spiders would follow them back like “No why would you leave me human friend??”


reblogging for the story, eeee

spiders are the derpiest things though like have you ever played with a spider and a laser pointer, because I thought my lizards chasing the laser was adorable but leT ME TELL U, BLACK WIDOWS CHASING LASERS IS FRICKEN ADORABLE

So I hate spiders but this makes them seem a bit cuter lol

Yeah no I still aint fucking with no spiders

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