Our freedom

This is a joint account
our names are Charlie and Ryan
in which we will post many thing to vent
to release our frustration or just to fill the time

We post what we want about what we want
we post things that are personal to us,
in ALL aspects of us from our trips out
to our, well lets say not so public events
which means there could be some
NSFW content so fare warning

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hermione granger as the doctor’s companion

come with me.



together they could rule the universe.


“I had to use a Time Turner to get to fit all my classes in”

“Oh you BRILLIANT girl! It’s always the smart ones that are the most dangerous. Books are the best weapons in the world, after all”

“Could you take me to a library?”

“I could take you to a planet where the entire WORLD is a library”

“You and I are going to have a lot of fun Doctor, aren’t we?”

“Oh yes!”

I mean he’s a fan of HP


Completely plausible AU + Hermione Granger = YESYESYES YES YES


except there is no magic in his universe. that could prove to be problematic.

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